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The sport of bodybuilding has produced many legends throughout the sands of time. Legends such as: Arnold Shwarzenegger, Franco Columbo, Reg Park, Steve Reeves, Tom Platz, Lee Haney and many others. All these men found their passion in the sport of bodybuilding. The classic era of bodybuilding, the period between the 1940's and the mid 1980's, was a very special time. A time when men fought against iron to carve muscular physiques which captured the imagination. Classical Greek statues came to life and graced the covers of magazines. Young men were inspired to pick up their first barbells and begin building strong healthy bodies of their own. The old time greats such as Reeves, Park, Zane, and Schwarzenegger were inspirations. Physiques to emulate. Those types of figures are sorely missed in this day and age.

Workout Routines vary according to the individual. Do you want Mass? Or, would you like to be lean? How about gaining mass and staying lean at the same time? These are typical questions bodybuilders ask themselves. A List of different workout routines

Exercises for gaining MASS

Bodybuilders Squating Arnold Flat Bench
Franco Columbo Deadlifting

Training Routine for the Week


One of my most favorite characteristics of bodybuilding is the Camaraderie with others. My most intense workouts seem to be on days when the whole gym is filled with such enthusiasum and energy. Its that intensity within your workout that allows you to grow bigger and stronger. The gym is like a battle field and your there with your training partners to fight a battle against the weight. Pushing yourself to new limits. Doing whatever it takes to achieve your physical goals.

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